PUBLIC STATEMENT – ULMWP condemns the arrests of all those arrested by the Indonesian government for peacefully commemorating West Papua National Day


In the strongest possible terms, the ULMWP condemns the Indonesian government for the arrest and brutal treatment of over 500 West Papuan people and Indonesians in solidarity, who were targeted on 1st December simply for peaceful commemorating West Papua National Day.

As Chairman of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), I call for the immediate release of all those arrested across West Papua and Indonesia, and for the Indonesian military, police and militia groups to be held immediately accountable.

As we West Papuans, together with Indonesian supporters celebrated this day, the Indonesian Security Forces and militia brutally cracked down on our peaceful assemblies, despite formal notice being given of the events.

In West Papua and Indonesia, hundreds of people were arrested, and many beaten, including West Papuan women.

In West Papua, offices were raided, and crackdowns took place in Port Numbay (Jayapura), Asmat, Merauke, Sorong, Timika and elsewhere. In Indonesia, crackdowns took place in Surabaya, Jakarta, Ambon, Ternate, Makassar, Manado, Kupang and Yogyakarta.

In total, over 500 people were arrested and many of them continue to remain in police custody. The whereabouts of at least two activists is currently unknown,

Such horrific attacks and mass arrests are more evidence of the deteriorating human rights situation in West Papua, with human rights violations, including restrictions of Freedom of Expression and of Peaceful Assembly only increasing under Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

Since Widodo took power in 2014, thousands of West Papuan people have been arrested and many tortured and even killed simply for peacefully calling for West Papuan self-determination.

The West Papuan people’s fundamental right to self-determination and independence is not only enshrined under international law, it is also fundamental to the Indonesian Constitution.

In its preamble, this constitution states “independence is the inalienable right of all nations, therefore, all colonialism must be abolished in this world as it is not in conformity with humanity and justice;”

Therefore, the Indonesian government is in violation of their own constitution through state colonialism which is denying the nation of West Papua our right to independence.

West Papuans have never stopped Indonesians from celebrating their independence day in their own country, yet the Indonesian government continues to stop we West Papuans from celebrating our own independence day in our own country.

Such ongoing brutal actions of the Indonesian government call into question Indonesia’s international reputation regarding human rights, given its status as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.

Regarding the mass arrests of West Papuans and Indonesians, the Indonesian People’s Front for West Papua (FRI-West Papua) showed incredible leadership and moral courage in their solidarity with our cause on 1st December.

The Indonesian people themselves across their archipelago are now in the process of making history in standing up to their government’s illegal occupation of West Papua and such bravery demonstrates that this struggle is not only a West Papuan issue, but it is an issue for all human beings.

For the Indonesian government to treat their own people like animals just for supporting the people of West Papua is a powerful illustration to the Indonesian people of the need for further solidarity to abolish colonialism once and for all.

Therefore, the ULMWP:

– Demands the immediate and unconditional release of all those arrested in West Papua and Indonesia for peacefully commemorating 1st December and calls for justice for all those affected.

– Appeals to the officials and leaders of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) and Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) to take immediate action and investigate and condemn the Indonesian government for the deteriorating human rights situation in West Papua; calling upon Indonesia to respect international law, including Freedom of Expression and of Peaceful Assembly of West Papuans.

– Calls for a United Nations Fact-Finding Mission to immediately visit West Papua, to assess first-hand what is happening on the ground, and recommend the necessary action to be taken by the United Nations regarding the human rights situation.

– Conveys its deepest respect to the people of West Papua who so bravely took part in peacefully commemorating our National Day and expresses confidence at the tremendous determination and resolve of the united West Papuan people.

– Congratulates the courage of all Indonesian supporters, especially FRI-West Papua, and fully encourages them in all their advocacy to continue to campaign for West Papuan self-determination and independence.

– Expresses our sincerest gratitude the international community and all international supporters for raising the West Papuan flag and showing solidarity with the West Papuan people on 1st December, raising significant support and awareness for our struggle.

-Requests as an MSG member that the MSG officials and leaders review the membership of the Indonesian government within the MSG, taking into consideration the increasing levels of human rights violations being committed by the Indonesian government as a non-Melanesian state, towards the Melanesian people of West Papua.

– Affirms that the fundamental right of the West Papuan people to self-determination and independence must be respected by the Indonesian government and the international community, through means of an independence referendum; this being the only solution for a peaceful conflict resolution in West Papua.

With respect and greetings,

Benny Wenda

Chairman of The United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP)

ULMWP Calls for National Day of Prayer in West Papua.

“On 1st December, all the activities will stop as we pray for the self-determination and freedom of our nation. This commitment has been approved by both the Executive and Legislative Committees of the ULMWP. ”

This is a national call for all West Papuans throughout West Papua by the Chairman of the United Liberation Movement of West Papua (ULMWP), Benny Wenda, for every West Papuan to honor the day by prayer for the freedom of West Papua.

“On behalf of the West Papuan people, the ULMWP calls for National Day of Prayer in West Papua to take place on 1st December 2018. This day will commemorate the 57th anniversary of the West Papuan flag was first raised, and our national symbols were first recognized.


The Indonesian Colonial Occupation State has no Morals and Ethics and Instinct at all, Shrimp are still good than the Government of Indonesia.

The Indonesian colonial government arrested Papuans not in accordance with legal procedures, killed, raped and enslaved the Papuans only because of the desire to obtain temporary positions in this world.

Hopefully your Indonesian Colonial President Jokowi is blessed by God, our culture of the Papuan people when we have bathed pecek means that we are impatient with your actions through the TNI / POLRI who are serving in Papua not in accordance with the desires of our hearts.

Sad my heart
Where are my father and mother,
Where are my brothers and sisters,

Let my tears become witnesses …
Between Nature, Mountains and Oceans ..
Scratches of the Ash Foot Street Children




My ridiculous thoughts, personally that do not make sense and the logic is totally related to “PETISI”.

What became the bargaining tool of diplomats towards Independence, and sued the 1969 Pepera, which succeeded in giving birth to a resolution of 2504 based on 1026 Papuan votes at that time.

Some say “PETISI” is not a benchmark and “PETISI” is only limited to Kampany materials globally for diplomats outside the country, and that is only for lobbying to countries in the world “PETISI” is used as material for the Campaign.

If indeed it is true that “PETITION” is the material of the Campaign only? with whether we can sue resolution 2504 which is being recorded at the UN to this day?

Is there another bargaining tool to sue the Act with resolution 2504? besides “PETISI”?

As for those who think like that, however, I personally recognize “PETISI” as the only bargaining tool for suing the Act of Free Choice. Pepera 1969 was unilaterally or ILLEGALLY carried out by the Indonesian colonial government in 1969.

Only the Economic Interest (Freeport) in Papua, especially by the United States, the Netherlands, Indonesia and the United Nations itself has been sacrificing millions of Papuans to this day.

So according to my ridiculous thought, “PETISI” 1.8 million votes of Papuans became the material of the Act of Acts with 1,026 votes of Papuans at that time.

For example up to C24, it will be a consideration for the UN itself and if necessary the review of the 1969 Act will be reviewed, whether it is in accordance with the “New York Agreement” or not. if not what is the solution? Surely the UN will issue a Resolution for a Referendum in West Papua.

That is just my silly mind then, please comment, which is a suggestion, criticism, insert and additions please discuss this!


November 23, 2018

On behalf of the people of West Papua, ULMWP calls for the National Prayer Day in West Papua to take place on 1 December 2018. Today will commemorate the 57th day of the day when the West Papuan flag is first raised, and our national symbol is first recognized.

December 1 is a day of hope for all West Papuans as we remember the day we stood in 1961 watching our national flag, the Morning Star that was raised for the first time.

We stood at that time as we did now, with complete freedom in our hearts and minds, given the promise of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for West Papua independence.

Therefore, the ULMWP calls for this National Day of Prayer to take place from Sorong to Samarai and all corners of West Papua.

Request ULMWP for all sectors of all groups and organizations in West Papua, both those officially affiliated with ULMWP and not, together with all civil society to participate on that day. The ULMWP also calls for the participation of all religious churches and denominations throughout the country.

On December 1, all routine activities will stop when we peacefully commemorate this day and pray for our nation’s self-determination and freedom. This warning was approved by the ULMWP Executive and Legislative Committee.

Moving forward to 2019, we will continue to mobilize and work with all sectors of society to encourage the aspirations and collective agenda of the people of West Papua in the future.

We will show the Indonesian and world governments that the independence referendum is the only solution for West Papua. For more than 50 years, successive colonial governments of Indonesia have kept us silent, but we need not fear because now is the time for our voices to be heard.

It is a day to reveal ourselves to our neighboring countries and the international community, and to express proudly that we are West Papuans and not Indonesians.

Fundamentals until December 1 are united, from 1961 to the present. The Morning Star Flag was resurrected in 1961, with the hope of our nation and the belief of our ancestors in us to unite in liberating our country from colonial rule.

Since the “Act of Free Choice” was illegal in 1969, Indonesia has tried to divide West Papuans and change us against each other. We will not be divided. We will stand together as one, under one of our flags for one destiny of our independence.

Independence and recognition of national identity is the right of all nations and as a nation, we the people of West Papua have the right to commemorate our national day and celebrate our national identity peacefully.

Therefore, ULMWP calls on the Indonesian government to respect December 1 as the day of the West Papua national flag and other national symbols first recognized, and not to detain, abuse or in any way hinder the commemoration of this national day.

On behalf of the ULMWP and the people of West Papua, I also call for international solidarity with our struggle for independence and so that the West Papuan flag is raised throughout the world.

The increasing international support advocacy that we see every year continues to bring more hope and confidence to the people of West Papua.

Therefore, my Chair of the ULMWP appealed to all solidarity organizations and individuals from the international community to take action for West Papua on December 1, to support our request for a referendum.

From now until West Papua is free, ULMWP will continue to mobilize civil resistance and collective action nationally and continue to expand our international diplomatic lobby.

Through this, the ULMWP will focus on our demand as West Papua moves towards complete freedom finally. This is the beginning of a new chapter in the struggle for independence of West Papua when we travel together as a whole in one of our independence agendas through self-determination.

With hope in our hearts, let us be together and stand as one person with one soul and one destiny for the freedom of West Papua.

May God bless West Papua.

Benny Wenda
Chair of the United Liberation for West Papua Movement (ULMWP)


Benny Wenda’s disaster has highlighted Interpo abuse
“” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “”
Alex Tinsley
▪ Interpol must act to stop its red notification system being misused by countries to persecute refugees and political activists in exile.

▪ Konus Benny Wenda, leader of the West Papuan independence movement, is a perfect illustration of the need to reform Interpol and the red notification system that is misused.

▪ In 2002, Benny escaped from prison in Indonesia where he had been threatened, harassed, and charged with contrived charges. Britain, admitted to the persecution, gave him asylum.

▪ Benny, who now lives in Oxford with his wife and five children, continues to make himself a leader in the exile of West Papua’s causes.

▪ Last year, Benny discovered that he was the subject of Interpol’s red notice. The notice, issued at the request of Indonesia, appointed Benny as a wanted criminal and placed him at risk of arrest throughout the world.

▪ As a result, he cannot take the risk of traveling and must refuse an invitation to talk about West Papua at an international conference. The notice also appeared on the Interpol website, complete with Benny’s description and alleged violent crime, tarnishing his reputation.

▪ Benny came to Fair Trials International, to ask what we could do to help. Indonesia’s angry response to the Guardian’s coverage shows that it will not cancel the red notification.

▪ The British government does not want to demand Interpol delete it; safe taking action in Indonesia is not realistic; and there is no court that can be addressed by Benny.

▪ So we use the only way that is open to us and write to the Interpol File Control Commission, arguing that Indonesia has abused the red notification system for political purposes.

▪ We just learned that the Commission agrees with our views. Interpol accepts conclusions and removes red notifications.

▪ This result is welcome, but this raises the question: how is the largest police organization in the world drawn into such a clear political case, which violates the main rules of political neutrality?

▪ Some of the 190 Interpol member countries have terrible and notoriously corrupt human rights records, but there seems to be no effective system to stop these countries from using Interpol’s red notification system to persecute refugees and exiled political activists.

▪ Indeed, since last year’s Guardian story, other victims of cruel red notices have approached us to ask for help.

▪ Preventing abuse of Interpol is not only important for people like Benny, but also important for the credibility and effectiveness of Interpol itself.

▪ Last month, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe passed a resolution stating concerns about the misuse of Interpol’s red notification system by countries whose judicial systems did not meet international standards.

▪ Regarding the motion, Russia, which has been routinely criticized for its arbitrary criminal proceedings by the European Council and declared a country feared by the British Foreign Office – and one of the largest red notification users.

▪ To protect its own position, Interpol must get rid of suspicious red notifications before they find their way to police databases around the world.

▪ Deficiencies in the current system will be less worrisome if affected individuals have access to a fair and transparent process to file their complaints.

▪ Unfortunately, the commission we submitted in Benny’s case failed: only sat twice a year, he operated behind closed doors without a trial and did not give a reasonable decision. Interpol usually follows his views, but can ask to “think again” if he disagrees.

▪ Through dialogue with Interpol in the past few months, we have learned a lot about how this important crime-fighting organization works.

▪ Interpol stated that it made the system under regular review, and we hope that, in cases such as Benny, they will be persuaded to develop new safeguards to prevent countries from using red notifications to export abuse.

▪ Without this reform, people like Benny, and the reputation of Interpol themselves, will continue to suffer.https://www.channel4.com/news/interpol-urged-to-reject-russian-as-new-head


ILEGAL Indonesia in Papua!
Indonesia is a colonizer,
Indonesia is a Murderer,
Indonesia is a Rapist,
Indonesia is an oppressor, and
Indonesia is the Ruler!

So, there is no sense of justice for all of us, West Papua, so our message just delete five precepts. The fifth principle reads “Social Justice for All Indonesian People”.

Because there is no justice at all for us Papuans, what we have for the Papuans is “There is no Justice for the entire Nation of West Papua”

Therefore we want Free Papua from the shackles and all types of Indonesian colonial occupation to plant today in Papua.

We don’t want development,
The development was the right of the Indonesian colonial government to develop Papua in accordance with the “New York Agreement” on August 15, 1963.

So the matter of building Papua is Indonesian Government (Jokowi’s) business as long as we Papuans don’t ask for it, what we ask is “Free Papua”

Great testimony of small children from Timika who lived in Bhintuka Village, West Wamena Line Sp 13, Kuala Kencana District, Mimika Regency.

Yours ade ade the next generation of Papuans!

“One People One Soul”